Who We Are

Youth Center for Development (YCD) is a youth led-national, non-profit and non-political organization, was formed on 02 April, 2012 under the official cooperation as an Cooperation Circle (CC) of United Religion Initiative in Southeast Asia-Pacific Region.


  • Create a web platform for information collation, creation and dissemination;
  • Facilitate communication and outreach of their objectives and activities to stakeholders;
  • Help create market linkages for various communities served by these NGOs;
  • Increase visibility to national and global audience for wider recognition and connectivity;
  • A lucrative cost effective functional web platform and content management system;
  • A sustainable and scalable platform for information communication, outreach and networking;
  • A fundraising gateway to attract benefactors;
  • An easy to maintain web portal in any desired local language;
  • Ownership of unique domain names, URLs and personalised email addresses;
  • A bottoms up content creation mechanism;
  • A collective platform to exchange knowledge among NGOs;
  • A content exchange platform for all stakeholders to know d

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